About Burlington Blast

The Burlington Blast Softball Program exists to help children from Burlington area in the development of positive life skills and self-concepts. Our mission is to provide safe, and enjoyable opportunities for all participants.

It is our mission to teach the basic skills and fundamentals of the sport, in preparing these players to be able to play fairly and competitively. Where all children will have the opportunity to expand their skills to play competitively in high school softball or beyond if they choose.

Finally, it is our mission to ensure that each child has a positive, rewarding experience while participating in the programs, and that each child will learn the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, honor, and integrity while sharing with their coaches and teammates the emotions of success and failure.

Selfishness on athletic teams looks like this:

  1. Putting your needs ahead of the teams needs
  2. Not using all your gifts (less than your best attitude or effort)
  3. Making decisions away from the team that could negatively impact the team or your family

SELFLESSNESS is essential for successful teams and families.